Another Year

January 9, 2008

Man time goes fast.. it’s almost half way through the first month and im only just posting about my holidays now. I was a bit bummed to work the non stats due to my work contract changing meaning that I get payed out my holiday pay (which of course I saved non of) but ohwell.

Christmas was good, me & em spent the morning at my olds house then went out to her farm with her big family for a huge lunch and some more prezzies. Boxing day races was quite cool. I had low expectations because of the BYO ban on alcahol which ment a lot of my friends didn’t bother, but from the event co-ordinators point of view I can understand why that decision was made. Half of the people that used to turn up (including myself) didn’t care much for the racing at all. The event was used as an excuse for a gigantic communal pissup! I don’t think this was too much of the problem as the event was traditionally a social one. I think it was just the minority of people that would get massively intoxicated and out of control which was starting to scare off the families which isn’t too fair. Plus the place was a freakin mess at the end of the day! This year I got more involved in the racing. I watched a few and bet on a few finishing up $10 down which isn’t too bad. I guess I used my beginners luck on my first horse to win with a bet of $1 lol (odds were 3-1). This was great compared to my previous year where I finished the day stumbling around disorrientated & lost heading in the wrong direction down College st (it is quite hard getting lost in Palmerston North, & damn near impossible when you’ve lived there as long as I). This year, the morning after I woke up with a new passion for horse racing! So running on this new passion I did what anyone in my postion would do.. I went to the nearest video store and hired Sidhe’s wonderful Melbourne Cup challange. I had always wanted to play it but never got around to it. I stayed up till 2.30am playing. I learned quite a bit about the sport that night. Pretty much every sport (except rugby) I know the rules & strategies of, i’ve learned from playing video games.

Me, em & a couple of other good friends (who recently tied the knot) spent a couple of days over new years at Emma’s farm. She has a massive lake out there and her brother recently built a huge deck on the waterfront with a big open bbq in the middle. Both days we went out for a few holes of golf which was a novelty cos im still a n00b. We spent the rest of the time eating, drinking, water skiing, swimming in the pool, shooting and chilaxing in the sun! It was exactly what I wanted to do for new years. Perfect!

Fun in the pewl

As a kid i always used to love catching a ball whilst diving into a pool! It didn’t take long for the girls to get bored of the game, but Vaughn and I played on for hours! Muhuhaha

My goals for this 08 are:

  • Get a couple of website contracts under my belt.
  • Get out of my current job before i kill myself or some-one else!
  • Weigh 97-98kgs. Train hard at the gym, eat & sleep more.
  • Hold a starting midfield postion in my club rugby team & also make reps again.
  • Get a macbook!
  • Save 3K for migrating to aussie, then get my ass there.
  • Get control of the clutter in my head (hopefully through GTD) 😀

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