New Opportunity Part2

January 12, 2008

Yesterday I had a meeting with the recruitment agency guy. His name was Steve. He was quite cool, even though I accidentally gave him a bit of stick for living in Palmy instead of the sunny coast (where his wife is orignally from). During the meeting I told him that I was a good web developer. As the meeting unfurled it became apparent to both of us that I currently have no respectiable completed work to show!! I have 2 websites in the mix atm and a big group venture project that is still being nurtured in the dark corners of 4 young men’s bedrooms! gagag. I was planning on creating a ultra wickedly awesome portfolio website (which he questioned me as to why I didn’t have 1), but only after I had completed a couple of websites and therefor had some content to put on the bloody thing! Anyway, he did ask me about what I thought of the current industry scene in Palmerston North and what I new about the big players in it. I stated that I new bugger all about them, but I did particularly like the look of 1 business & it’s work. etheory. And luckily for me, one of the positions he was looking at me for was for them! Score! Now all i have to do is somehow work my charm and convince them (without any solid evidence) that i am pretty much the Da Vinci Code of web development (which im far from). But, to help me do that, i’ve sited my good buddy as a reference to my quality of code! I’ve also recently thought about adding my other good buddies (b1 & b2) to that list aswell, for the help i did on their university project.

I should have a casual meeting setup with sometime next week. Cant wait.


3 Responses to “New Opportunity Part2”

  1. rekarnar Says:

    Omgoodness man. Thats awesome. Good luck, not that you need any though, since you also are awesome. 🙂

    I too know how frustrating it is looking for a job without any representative work to show. Pity our closest job to completion is template work aswell.

  2. gl455 Says:

    gl dude! you’ll do fine for sure. reference me as project manager if you like, ill say all sorts of fine things about you should they call

  3. gl455 Says:

    lol how did i only just read this today? its like 2 months old! how did i link to here?

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