Contemplating gym program overhaul

January 16, 2008

 My current program is pretty good. It’s a hand me down from one of the AirNZ Cup players so it should be what I require. It currently involves 2-3 sessions a week. Each session involves a FULL body workout which takes me just under 2hours! (Which is supposed to be way too much time in the gym). It consists of 3 supersets of 3 exercises of 6 sets of 9 reps. I must say that i’ve finally got used to the supersetting everything, and the 6 sets. It was such a struggle at the start! I have two different routines that i swap weekly. Then every 6 or so weeks i get an updated pair of routines.

Now this is all good, but my problem is that im not putting on the size I used to when I was creating my own gym program. I think this is mainly because I would split my workouts into diff muscle groups giving me more time to do more exercises for each muscle group. A huge pro of my current programs is being introduced to new exercises & the rotation of new exercises. I find it a bit hard periodising and rotating enough different exersies into my own program. My new plan is to create a new program with a 2 day split. Sessions will be  mon-sat mornings. Im used to gyming at 6am now, hard part would be doing it 5 days in a row. I used to hit the gym 6 days a week so i think i can handle it. During the rugby season ill only be able to gym mon-thur, which is better than 2 sessions that I could only allow myself when i was gyming at night. (Tue & Thur were rugby training, fri night off cos game sat, sun = recovery).

New gym project action list:

  • create ultra-massive list of gym exercises (categorise by muscle group)
  • look into perodisation that will suit me
  • create 2 alternating gym program
  • get into a good sleep pattern so i can continuously hit at 6am
  • buy more protein
  • look into creatine prices & see if i can afford it

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