I’ve finally learnt my lesson

January 17, 2008

It’s not a good sign when you wake up during the night due to pain. Im currently icing my lower back to try slow any swelling (also popped a voltaren from my med stash), but mostly to `numb the pain.`

I think i’ve pulled my rhs groin & glute. I had a very tight lower back today at the end of my last touch game. Now that i’ve woken up the tightness has turned into pain in my lower back, rhs groin, and tightness in rhs glute. I only have myself to blame though as I had a pretty dismal attempt at stretching tonight (a little bit after my 1st game of touch, but none directly before that or my last game). I also didnt stretch last night after indoor netball or when I woke up this morning. So from now on im going to allow myself time, and physically plan stretching sessions. This is a major setback, right in the middle of pre-season when im fit and leading up to playing sevens mid Feb. I’ll book physio early this morning but they will no doubt be booked up the coming week!

So for the moment it looks like i’ll have to put my new gym routine to rest, along with any other sport and fitness. \tear

Good night chums.


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