Cough & splutter, peanut butter

February 13, 2008

Here i am awake and coughing up phlegm for the 3rd time tonight. It has been getting progressively worse over the last week and i’m a wee bit scared of this winter being a repeat of last, where I had continual sleepless nights consisting of chornic convolsing coughing with movements not unlike those seen in the YMCA dance. Im gonna force myself to go to the doctors in the morning. I have a general disliking of going to the doctors cos I seriously always get the feeling of being ripped off. I always expect there to be a a lot of testing and pondering on my symptoms (cos im so special). I almost imagine a `house` type scenario when dealing with my common cold symptoms. But, as like always, tomorrow morning im expecting to  walk out of the doctors after my 4.2 minute inspection with a well lighter pocket and a feeling of dissapointment with advice to rest up & if im lucky, take some antibiotics 3 times a day (which i’ve started to notice that they seem to hand out for anything these days!).

Tonight when it finally clicked in my head that this can go on no longer, I did what any other computer literate n3rd would do, I googled my symptoms for cures. Which made me think… doctors must HATE the webbytubes for this!! I couldn’t think of anything more annoying then a bunch of hyperchondriacs who come to you for help but already think they know what is wrong with them and what their cure should be just because they spent 15mins on google plugging in symptoms. Naieve people who think they know more than you about your specialised field would drive me up the wall! And it makes me giggle to think that i’m one of them (well not really, I always ended up taking the doctors advice even if i did think my internet diagnosis was more legitimate, *giggle*).

Well, i’ve finished my green tea so I guess i better get my ass back into bed, my legs r freezing. Hopefully the cough will go away as im struggling to hold it back atm.

Good night,

Doogie Houser M.D


2 Responses to “Cough & splutter, peanut butter”

  1. Gruk Says:

    perhaps next year you should get one of those flu vaccines…
    but yeah i feel the same way about doctors, i had chonic headaches a few weeks back, lasted about a week. on the third day Hana was all like ‘go see a dr.’ so naturally i googled my symptoms instead. turns out i had stress related headaches and the doc wouldnt have been able to do anything anyway:D
    google:1 Dr:0

  2. rekarnar Says:

    aww poor fabio. the one year i had a flu vaccination was the one year i got the sickest ive ever been. quite lol. just eat fruit and vegies imo.

    i hate finially getting the courage or effort to go to the doctor, to have them quickly tell you to just rest. happens every time! (at least once)

    and yer. i went to a gym gym. i thought of you. you would of been proud. and im so sore now. even though there were no workout things, there was tramps and springy floors and i did back flaps off stuff and things. its the same family right 🙂

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