Can’t sleep

March 6, 2008

My mind is racing about work & rugby. Our first pre-season game is on Saturday and going of our recent trainings I have a bit to brush up on my ball skills, my passing is far from acceptable! Anyway, here I was trying to make myself go to sleep. I tried relaxing, forcing myself to feel my limbs are all heavy etc. I even tried the reverse of trying not to fall asleep (that usually works too). But I always seemed to tense up going over our backline moves and the timing and angle to run! Argh, i then thought about putting some GTD audio books onto my mp3 player and listening to them since whenever im trying to concerntrate on learning stuff I struggle to stay awake. Then I thought, there so has got to be some audiobooks/mp3s out there to help you sleep. I did a quick google search and found this. Its about: ‘Polyphasic sleep = not sleeping at night, but many naps throughout 24/7’ crazy concept but im too scared to try it.

The lame thing is I can’t find any free sleepy mp3s to download right now, just torrents. I just downloaded some gay named sounds of nature sleeping mp3s of *gasp* limewire. I was more after some information/explanation on how to get to sleep more efficiently but ill try these and see how they go lol.


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