Trying SVN

March 13, 2008

I’ve been planning on using a content versioning system for sooo long and I’ve finally made the move. Im using TortoiseSVN. So far its been pretty straight forward, i can’t wait to start thrashing it for all my web dev (also gotta get an online server working somehow). I made the move because i’m going to attempt to get a working merged system of MODx & phpshop 1.2.

I have had one problem though, when creating a tag from the HEAD, it only copies the files and not the child directories and their folders… hrmrmrm


3 Responses to “Trying SVN”

  1. fabilo Says:

    I still can’t get the ‘tag’ to copy the child folders. At the moment im resorting to right dragging the trunck to the tags folder and renaming it there.

  2. evan Says:

    who put you onto tortoise? some smart handsome guy i bet.

  3. fabilo Says:

    haha i can’t quite remember who.. think it was some homeless drifter that i walked past as he waddled down the road. I gave up on it for now anyway, tried to copy & paste some shit into my work folder and it started fucking out… im guessing im only supposed to ‘import’ files in??

    I’ll have another crack again soon 😀

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