On the mend

April 23, 2008

Woah i can’t believe its been a month since i last wrote! I’ve been extremely busy with rugby and work and haven’t really had any time for much new exciting stuff.

The College Old Boy’s rugby season has got off to a pretty dominating start. We’ve posted scores of 47-0 (against last years runner-up), 112-0, and 77-0. It’s still early in the season but the boys are looking like pretty strong contenders for winning the championship again. Unfortunately though, my season finished in the dying moments in our second game. I tore my ACL and will need surgery to reconnect it. The funny thing is that I didn’t have a hand on me at the time. I tried a massive change of direction at high speed and my knee just gave way. Apparently its quite a common injury in non contact sports. The road to recovery after surgery includes 1 week in a brace and crutches. The following week i will be able to walk unassisted, then the next week I will be able to cycle, then a week of jogging lol. It will be 6 weeks of rehab at a physio, then I won’t be able to play rugby till after a 9 month stand down period! Crazy! My mate said to me that it could be a blessing in disguise though as it should give me more time to work with the business and i’ll also have the opportunity to hit the gym and put on the weight I want before next season. Plus I don’t have to run around in the freezing cold & pouring rain.

Work is going ok, gradually getting through contracts although a couple of them are complete but haven’t gone live yet due to a hold up on the client end which is extremely frustrating. We’ve set up a new contract payment system that will hopefully solve that issue for us.

I still haven’t got my Macbook yet. One day soon I shall have its! 😀


One Response to “On the mend”

  1. Gruk Says:

    ouch, BL dude that sucks hard

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