Tonight i smashed out 6 reps of the 52.5kg dumbells on the bench! Super stoked! Only 1 more dumbell set to go up to then i would’ve done the heaviest in the gym. But, that only means the only way to go up after that is the bar… which i loath 😦


My_first_project 2

May 7, 2008

I had a few problems with the tutorial last night, and found a document noting all the errors in the tutorial! GOLD! Here it is just in case anyone else finds it useful.


Includes the fix for: Fatal error: Call to undefined method Post::__toString()

And when you change your db to use MYSQL but the app still references SQLite.

Anyway, back to it, things are going well! 😀


May 6, 2008

Well, i spent a couple of hours trying to do the my_first_project tutorial. I had a couple of hiccups along the way. One was trying to find out how to install libxslt.

It took me a few minutes before i realised that  the xsl.dll included with php in the WAMP server setup was sufficient. I removed the comment from the php.ini to allow the extension to run.

Another problem I had was with the sqlite db. When trying to insert the sql, the script couldn’t find my sqlite db. I tried putting relative & absolute paths to the db in my propel.ini but still no luck.  I then tried a local mysql db which worked! The data inserted fine, i then changed my databases.yml to use the mysql server and WHAM shes working. Not too bad, but it’s a bit late so will have to leave it for another time before I can have a good stab at it.

Coach Snaith!

May 6, 2008

Tonight I went to training again, to watch, and maybe try my hand (or foot) at kicking a ball around with my opposite foot. I couldn’t resist and ended up jumping into ruck touch (non-contact rugby structured game) and loved it. I can’t get too excited though cause I know my knee probably won’t be able to handle a tackle, or another super crazy ultra side-step! I just have to keep strengthening it up for surgery. Apparently the more work I do now, the easier the recovery is after. Anyway, at the end of the training I agreed to coaching the B team backs! hehe, this will be super fun! I hope the guys listen to me. I wonder if they’ll give me a big jacket and moustache.

On another note, tonight I will have a wee tinker with Symphony on my local WAMP server. After bouncing around a few Q&A’s with Adam I decided to give it a try. I was mainly sold on the auto generation of a CRUD system which is the only thing i’m missing in CI. This also means that I have put off RoR for now. I got stuck somewhere with the related table stuff and never recovered.