Coach Snaith!

May 6, 2008

Tonight I went to training again, to watch, and maybe try my hand (or foot) at kicking a ball around with my opposite foot. I couldn’t resist and ended up jumping into ruck touch (non-contact rugby structured game) and loved it. I can’t get too excited though cause I know my knee probably won’t be able to handle a tackle, or another super crazy ultra side-step! I just have to keep strengthening it up for surgery. Apparently the more work I do now, the easier the recovery is after. Anyway, at the end of the training I agreed to coaching the B team backs! hehe, this will be super fun! I hope the guys listen to me. I wonder if they’ll give me a big jacket and moustache.

On another note, tonight I will have a wee tinker with Symphony on my local WAMP server. After bouncing around a few Q&A’s with Adam I decided to give it a try. I was mainly sold on the auto generation of a CRUD system which is the only thing i’m missing in CI. This also means that I have put off RoR for now. I got stuck somewhere with the related table stuff and never recovered.


2 Responses to “Coach Snaith!”

  1. evan Says:

    And what about the Ugandans?

  2. fabilo Says:

    Are those bastards still alive?!

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