Addicted to food

September 3, 2008

Today is a glorious day! The sun is shimmering down on us in a magnificent Manawatu (spring?) day. Which is quite a contrast to the shit that we’ve had lately. Anway, the main reason why today is so good, is because its surgery day! It’s finally rolled around, and im stoked. However, 1 drawback of surgery day is of course, no eating! D: I’ve been cutting back my eating the last couple of days due to staying over in the wonderful Aorangi hospital (I hear its like a hotel in there) because of the fact, that after surgery I won’t be allowed, or physically able to leave my bed. Which means going toilet in bed pans lol. Which im not looking forward to. Anyway, the last couple of days I noticed that I felt hungry, and that it had been at least a couple of months since I had felt hungry. Because i’ve been training quite hard and trying to bulk up (now over 100kgs, yes!) i’ve been eating non stop.  I must say that today is quite a shock to the system! Driving through town earlier this morning I almost stopped at 4 different places to pick something up to devouer. It’s amazing how I quickly I would forget that I couldn’t eat lol. It sucks and it makes me feel for people trying to lose weight by starving themselves. Every second thought is about food… I think it might have overtaken sex in the number of thoughts per second!

Anyway, better pack me bag and get ready to be sliced open. Fingers crossed they let my use le mac book in the ward 😮


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