Surgery Successful – Stoked

September 9, 2008

Here is a post from my work blog, this was not long after surgery:

My knee surgery went very well. It is very swollen at the moment, it looks like a basket ball. I’ll try get an image up once I figure out how to get my windows mobile phone connected to my macbook. I guess I could dust off the desktop and upload it through there. Maybe.

I had my own cosey room at Aorangi hospital, which was awesome. I grew quite fond of it very quicky. The mechanical bed was awesome, especially when combined with the adjustible mobile bed tray thingy. The nurses were also very nice! One, unfortunately for her, had to help me shower haha. It was really good to have my own space, and peace and quiet. It gave me a lot of time to unwind and get away from it all. I was gutted at first about not having the interwebs, but it was a blessing in disguise since it added to my solitary environment. It was like a lazy holiday in a hotel, just not being able to move from your bed.

I didn’t get much sleep the night of my surgery, I was woken up every couple of hours to take antibiotics and painkillers. I didn’t mind it because each time gave me another opportunity to listen to more of the Stephen R Covey audiobook; 7 Habbits of Highly Effective People. I need to listen to it again, I can’t remember much from it (I was half asleep and half drugged while listening), but I remember liking the material. It covered a bit of time management stuff (similiar principals to GTD), and also managing your relationships with people and working towards win win situations for all parties. I’ll definitely relisten to that one before I’m unleashed from my crutches.

My leg is in a full leg brace with no movement at the knee joint. It means I’m quite slow getting around, and I can’t sit down at a seat (due to not being able to bend my leg). My medical certificate states 6 weeks off work, I don’t think that’l last as I’m starting to get bored already. If anyone has a bedside tray that don’t want, let me know lol.

New update: Things have been improving dramatically. I stopped using my crutches yesterday! Its been pretty sweet, been getting around quite well without them. Even went to the gym this arvo to do some very light upper body. Got a bit sore at the end bit handled it quite well. It has also being quite sore tonight. It didn’t help that I forgot and took my painkillers 4hrs late. Anyway, heres a piccy of my leg brace 😀

fabian's full leg brace

My armor ❤


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