sfMediaLibrary plugin Call to undefined function form_tag()

October 9, 2008

I found this error when trying to install the sfMediaLibrary plugin for symfony 1.1

The fix was to go to your settings.yml in your app’s config dir and set compat_10 setting to ‘on’. ie:

  1. Go to: apps/your_app/config/settings.yml
  2. Search for the line with text ‘compat_10’
  3. Make sure setting isn’t commented and set as ‘on’

2 Responses to “sfMediaLibrary plugin Call to undefined function form_tag()”

  1. STeve Says:


    I’m on Symfony 1.1 and my settings.yml file is located in /apps/frontend/settings.yml .

    I tried creating a settings.yml file in the other location but had no luck.


  2. Pierre-Antoine Says:

    Thank you. It work just as you said!

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