sfMediaLibrary symfony 1.1 broken images

October 9, 2008

After installing sfMediaLibrary plugin on my local dev environment (OSX, MAMP, symfony v1.1 PEAR), I found the paths to the images were incorrect as the forward slashes in the directories to the images were doubled up (eg: //uploads//assets//imagename.jpg).

I found a hack solution by editing youproject/plugins/sfMediaLibraryPlugin/modules/sfMediaLibrary/lib/BasesfMediaLibraryActions.class

In the executeIndex() function I removed the extra forward slashes by changing the following line:

$this->webAbsCurrentDir = $this->getRequest()->getRelativeUrlRoot().’/’.$this->uploadDirName.’/’.$currentDir;


$this->webAbsCurrentDir = $this->getRequest()->getRelativeUrlRoot().$this->uploadDirName.$currentDir;

I know this solution is less than ideal, but will do for now.


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