Sprained disc

February 4, 2009

Saw me physio this morning. I’ve strained a disc in my back. He’s given me some more ab statics to do, bridges, and some birddogs: nuteral spine, high chest, opposite arm up recuriting the lats. Drawing out a box with leg opposite leg. I can still do straight line running, and straight weights in the gym. 10 day stand, another crap start to the season.


Ok, so I injured my back just under 2 weeks ago playing touch.. My hammys were quite tight leading into the game. I ended up spraining a ligament in my back while dumping the ball. Anyway my lovely physio told me to take 10 days off to let the sprain settle. I told him about my tight hammys. He tested me and found that I was majory hamstring dominant, and that I don’t use my glutes whatsoever. He gave me some bridges to do to light my glutes up and to make me start using them again..

The problem is, after a couple of hours after every rugby trainging, my hammys are tight as, and I get some pretty bad back pain. I did a little research in on the web and found Lordosis.. I’ve actually noticed that my spine does sit a bit like that (just have to look at this photo). I also have all the symptoms stated in that article. Anyway, i’ve decided to try doing all the exercises and stretches every morning.. id give anything to get rid of this back pain! Also gonna buy a foam roller for SMR and might book a massage sess in the morning if my back is still buggered :S