Setting daily goals

April 2, 2009

Alan Weiss is a consultant (Summit Consulting) to business consultants. He has a monthly email newsletter. It is the only monthly newsletter that I read (apart from a couple tech sales websites).

In his latest newsletter he says:

#10 Here’s a good way to start a staff meeting: “What are we going to do to increase our value and improve our clients today?” Or, to start the day: “How am I going to improve my personal and professional life today?”

So I’m going to try an post daily on what I’m going to do to improve my personal and professional life, starting today!

Errr.. I probably should’ve thought about this a bit more before posting. Here’s some quickfire things that I WILL DO.

  • Turn up to training early and do some extra skills and movement drills
  • Vacuum my room
  • Email Hamish Clarke to see if he has any work/leads for Chase the Sun.

That should do for a start