Im a webdeveloper living in Palmerston North. Im currently looking for a new job in the industry, and also contracting out designing and hosting websites myself.

My other passion is rugby! I play for College Old Boys, we have been the local champions for the last 3 years running and are looking gooood for another tough shot at the title! Im constantly training and gyming to keep myself in shape. I’ve also recently fallen in love with the technical side of touch rugby. I never knew how crazy it could be!

In the near future I want to move to the east coast of Australia! I love the heat, sun, white sands & of course, bikinis!


One Response to “About Schmee”

  1. Kae Says:


    Just stumbled across your great site and thought you might like a review copy of a new book I’m promoting. In THE PURPOSEFUL PRIMITIVE: From Fat and Flaccid to Lean and Powerful by 3-time World Master Powerlifing Champion Marty Gallagher (Dragon Door Publications / October 2008)tells his story and the stories of ten “Iron Masters” whom he reveres. He shows how anyone can benefit from these transformative lessons. It’s a manly book for manly guys, but women can learn a few things as well. Please let me know if you’d like to receive a review copy.

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