Cool designs

November 27, 2008

871891227152382Check them out


My mate got me on to crossfit. It’s a website/blog where they post a daily workout, and the community post their times/reps in the comments section. The cool thing about this is the workouts. They’re different every day, they’re high intensity, they include functional exercises that benefits everyone, and best of all, they’re scalable for everyone!

I’m definately going to look further into this and take on some of the WODs (workout of the day). The random/different exercises every day interests me the most, your body wouldn’t get used to the routine like your normal programs. Would make rugby training and game day seem like a walk in the park 😀

Heres a couple vids, WOD:GI Jane

2 Min Defence (awful music):

Josh Everret’s smashing of Crossfit’s King Kong WOD:

Downhill skateboarding

September 20, 2008

A long time ago back in my teens when I was a budding young skater, we used to love skating down hill. Not so much when you would get speed wobbles, or hit a stone thats so small its invisible and go flying ass over face.

These guys take it to the extreme (they even overtake a car at one stage). It looks so ‘freeing’, haven’t felt like that in a long time!

Re: my new ringtone that I want that I found on youtube. Lead me to this online youtube to mp3 converter. Used it already, it was 2 easy! I love the interwebs!

New ringtone… well soon

September 16, 2008

Just gotta extract the audio somehow! 😀

Been a long time in the making waiting, it’s finally live (got sick of waiting for the polish so just threw it up). Check it out and drop some feedback on the site 😀

Nite all

New Macbook!

July 14, 2008

Bought a new Macbook on Saturday. The small white one just under the black model. So far im loving it. Now, to just weasel out an ipod from somewhere.

The only time I ever watch tv is when im eating dinner in the lounge. My flatmates would insist on watching America’s Got Talent. It didn’t take long for me to cringe when it was on. That was until I saw this guy! I was pretty amazed when I saw it and can’t stop watching the vid. I hope he wins! Love it.

Cool paper animation

March 20, 2008

Check it out.

Hot rotisserie chicken, greated cheese, tomato, cracked pepper, garlic aoli, hickory bbq sauce.