Overdue update

March 3, 2009

Well! A bit of stuff has happend till I last wrote:

On Saturday I played my first game of Ruggas since surgery! The held up flawlessly, and I apparently played quite well! I can’t remember much from the game since I took a few highshots and got ko’d. Played a full game though and gave a couple of good hits back. Yay. Stink thing is I have to stand down from this weeks game. We’ve got Taradale who are always good aponents.

Work has really picked up which i’m stoked about. Pranil went on a massive mission about a month ago and source a bit of work. We now have some more good contracting suppliers in the Gold Coast, another one in Palmy, and a designer in Bunnythorpe of all places haha. Everyone seems to be pretty pleased with us which is great. A couple more sources should have us sitting pretty smitten.

Final diet, 92kgThe gym is going well so far. I’ve been managing to go to after trainings. I’ve lost Chris though, but think I might have picked up Meerkat & Tenga as new gym partners. We should be hitting tomorrow night. Also, my body weight has dropped to the lowest since I can remember! 92 fricken kgs. I don’t mind though since I feel like i’m in the best shape I’ve been in for a long time. Also getting around the park is a joke now, running feels more like floating lol.


Sprained disc

February 4, 2009

Saw me physio this morning. I’ve strained a disc in my back. He’s given me some more ab statics to do, bridges, and some birddogs: nuteral spine, high chest, opposite arm up recuriting the lats. Drawing out a box with leg opposite leg. I can still do straight line running, and straight weights in the gym. 10 day stand, another crap start to the season.

Ok, so I injured my back just under 2 weeks ago playing touch.. My hammys were quite tight leading into the game. I ended up spraining a ligament in my back while dumping the ball. Anyway my lovely physio told me to take 10 days off to let the sprain settle. I told him about my tight hammys. He tested me and found that I was majory hamstring dominant, and that I don’t use my glutes whatsoever. He gave me some bridges to do to light my glutes up and to make me start using them again..

The problem is, after a couple of hours after every rugby trainging, my hammys are tight as, and I get some pretty bad back pain. I did a little research in on the web and found Lordosis.. I’ve actually noticed that my spine does sit a bit like that (just have to look at this photo). I also have all the symptoms stated in that article. Anyway, i’ve decided to try doing all the exercises and stretches every morning.. id give anything to get rid of this back pain! Also gonna buy a foam roller for SMR and might book a massage sess in the morning if my back is still buggered :S

Diet progress

January 28, 2009

After a week on crash diet

After a week on crash diet

I started a ‘crash’ diet Monday last week, and i’ve lost 4-5kg since then (a bit of that will be water, but a bit of that has also been fat). I’ve got rid of the beer gut (10kg since last photo post) and got some shape in my abs again (phew). But there still a bit on the sides that I wouldn’t mind getting rid of:

The crash diet is for people wanting to shed some quick weight/fat. It’s not something that is ment to be permanent. I’m only going to be doing it for two weeks, then ill move onto a more flexible diet (even though I haven’t been truley strict to the rules lol). Basically the diet is based on stripping carbs, fat, and only eating protein. You must take fish/flaxseed oil tablets to get your essential fatty acids, and a multivitamin also helps. Anyway its all in this book that I got my hands on: The Rapid Weightloss Handbook. And yes, I read the entire thing (it was only 100 pages and actually pretty darn easy to read).

Effects: Aside from losing weight, I’ve noticed that I’m no where near as hungry as I used to be. I can eat a lot less and still feel full. I have a lot more energy. And best of all I smashed my old 3km running record by 20 sec. I never knew how much of a difference 5kg makes to running. It feels like your just floating along, it’s insane!

The diet is from Lyle Mac Donald, you can find him over at bodyrecomposition.com. Also, I used sparkpeople.com for calorie counting. Oh, and bought digital foodscales from Briscoes for $35 🙂

I hope someone might find this useful.

Bring on the 8pack.

I feel like i’ve had one of the best xmas & new years periods since I can last remember. Even though I worked all the non stat days. Xmas eve was awesome, went to the Celtic In on the Regent arcade with some old flatmates, and also caught up with Adam and Dinz. Sipped a few ales and remmanissed over the good old days. Also took a lot flak for STILL being in Palmy lol.

Xmas day was great! Went with the olds and my newphew out to foxton to have lunch with my Nana. Was very relaxing and peaceful. On the way back from Foxton I made a little detour to Feilding to pop in and see Kirsten & family. Was good to catch up with her parents and talk about their exciting new plans about their new self sustainable house that they’re going to be building very soon out on Cemetery road. They’ve sold their exisiting house and are on the verge of starting the new voyage. Later that night when we got into town Emma and I went to a Killa’s house to have a couple quiets. His parents Jimmy & Robyn had a few people round. Funtiems.

Boxing day was a bit different this time round. We didn’t go to the races! Emma, Porno & I started at G’s house for a couple beers. We eventually ended up back at Emma’s flat with the rest of her flatmates. The remainder of the night is a sloppy expensive blur.

Working the non stat days wasn’t too bad, which was surprisingly weird. Usually I feel like im missing out on all the fun that everyone else is having.. recently I had been struggling to get through any hours at all for our subcontracting stuff. I was peaceful though. I wasn’t in a hurry to get home and do something else. Just put my head down and got on with it.

New years! Well, Emma had to work all day on the 31st. I picked her up at 5pm and we were outta Palmy by 5.30pm. We were off to stay with my old friend and flatmate Micheal Ducket. The drive up was pretty quiet. We got confused in Rotorua.. Drove around looking for the highway that would take us to ‘Tauranga’ not knowing we were supposed to follow the many that were pointing to ‘Whakatane’. We eventually managed to get there at about 10.30pm. The streets were crammed with drunk and restless teeny boppers (much to be expected). Our night was pretty tame. We just ended up chilling in the lounge and catching up over some cold beer. num num num.

The next day we hit the beach. It was perfect. The sun was pumping, the waves weren’t too shabby and the beach was packed with hotties haha. We got to throw the ball around and hit the surf.. It had been way to long since I had been to a good beach like this. We ended up on the chop that night and hitting Tauranga. It was pretty quiet though but still fun. Saw Pele out with his ‘sweat towel’ lol.

The next two days consisted of chilling at the beach and window shopping. Nice and cheap lol. The only thing I didn’t like about the holiday period is that I took no photos what so ever. We drove back Saturday night to stay away from the rush of everyone else returning from holiday on Sunday. Was probably easier than the drive up.

Umm, 2008 was another bloody quick one to fly past. Its main points that leap to mind are, starting a business (Chase the Sun) with my friend Pranil, and also my freaking knee injury and surgery which has kept me away from sport which sucks big time!

New years resolutions..

  • Read more
  • Drink less alcahol
  • Blog more
  • Travel (move away from Palmy)
  • Keep enjoying running (I’ve only just started to enjoy it for the first time in my life)
  • Get motorcycle license
  • Enjoy rugby (easy)
  • Finally, a long avaiding goal of mine – Get out of debt.
  • Take more photos!! (need a good camera)
  • Paint with mum
  • Take up a photography class

They’re not impossible goals, I like them! I’ve already started on the 1st goal by buying a new book today! It is Dalai Lama – How To Practise , the way to a meaningful life. Kevin Rose listed it on his website as one of the books that he enjoys. I stumbled upon it today and thought ‘why not’. Edit: I also just requested an info pack for UCOL’s short course in photography. Go schmee!

I can’t get no sleep

December 13, 2008

I’ve just moved into a new flat that has 2 Xbox 360’s a PS3, and a flatmate that is getting addicted to CS..

I’m getting no sleep 😦

ps. i’ve lost 9kg, im down to 97kg! Still don’t have abs though, and lost 20kg on my max bench press. I’m thinking the diet is inhibiting strength gains too much. Still can’t see me abs either lol. What a waste!

I’m getting fat! :o [NSFW]

November 14, 2008

I thought it would never happen! But after two months of not being able to run, compounded with an insane eating diet which consisted of eating everything in sight (in an attempt to gain muscle) has backfired and made me pile on quite an impressive beer belly:

Beer bump, full frontal

Beer bump, full frontal

Beer bump, side on

Beer bump, side on

I’m able to run in a couple of weeks, so should have rippling abs soon.. fingers crossed! XD

Laptops are a bad influence

October 29, 2008

I’ve decided that my macbook is more of a bad influence than a convenience. Every morning before I get out of bed I end up clumbsily sliding it off my desk beside my bed, and spending the next 30 – 180 mins wasting time on it. This dramatically postpones the start of my day. In fact, im writing this now, still in bed.. I was awake over 1.5 hours ago! Gah!

I was just talking to my collegue about money, and how I blew $280 on alcahole last week, and how I seem to always need a drink in my hand when im in town. And that usually ends up in me buying rounds for a lot of people who never pay me back (my own stupid fault).

Then it hit me! The problem isn’t people not buying me back rounds.. The problem is me ending up buying everyone rounds because I can’t handle not having a drink in my hand. It’s pathetic!, I use the drink-in-hand as a shield. ie: your never doing nothing, cos if your not talking to someone… you can drink. Once i’ve finished my drink, and maybe standing there doing nothing I get all self conscience and feel like a loser. Hence, the waiting in line (not doing nothing) and buying a drink (doing something) to drink (again, something to do). What a moron!!

The great thing is, I never actually thought about why I drink so much out, now I know what im doing, so now I can stop it. I feel so enlightend :>

Surgery Successful – Stoked

September 9, 2008

Here is a post from my work blog, this was not long after surgery:

My knee surgery went very well. It is very swollen at the moment, it looks like a basket ball. I’ll try get an image up once I figure out how to get my windows mobile phone connected to my macbook. I guess I could dust off the desktop and upload it through there. Maybe.

I had my own cosey room at Aorangi hospital, which was awesome. I grew quite fond of it very quicky. The mechanical bed was awesome, especially when combined with the adjustible mobile bed tray thingy. The nurses were also very nice! One, unfortunately for her, had to help me shower haha. It was really good to have my own space, and peace and quiet. It gave me a lot of time to unwind and get away from it all. I was gutted at first about not having the interwebs, but it was a blessing in disguise since it added to my solitary environment. It was like a lazy holiday in a hotel, just not being able to move from your bed.

I didn’t get much sleep the night of my surgery, I was woken up every couple of hours to take antibiotics and painkillers. I didn’t mind it because each time gave me another opportunity to listen to more of the Stephen R Covey audiobook; 7 Habbits of Highly Effective People. I need to listen to it again, I can’t remember much from it (I was half asleep and half drugged while listening), but I remember liking the material. It covered a bit of time management stuff (similiar principals to GTD), and also managing your relationships with people and working towards win win situations for all parties. I’ll definitely relisten to that one before I’m unleashed from my crutches.

My leg is in a full leg brace with no movement at the knee joint. It means I’m quite slow getting around, and I can’t sit down at a seat (due to not being able to bend my leg). My medical certificate states 6 weeks off work, I don’t think that’l last as I’m starting to get bored already. If anyone has a bedside tray that don’t want, let me know lol.

New update: Things have been improving dramatically. I stopped using my crutches yesterday! Its been pretty sweet, been getting around quite well without them. Even went to the gym this arvo to do some very light upper body. Got a bit sore at the end bit handled it quite well. It has also being quite sore tonight. It didn’t help that I forgot and took my painkillers 4hrs late. Anyway, heres a piccy of my leg brace 😀

fabian's full leg brace

My armor ❤