Current Fave Song

September 14, 2008

Don’t know much about these guys. Infact, I know bugger all, apart from that I love this song!

The intro reminds me of street fighter 2, dahlsim’s level’s music.

The song is: Electric Feel – MGMT

YouTube link


Back at that Gat

September 9, 2008

My good Irish friend Ciaran, being such a good bastard, came around on his last day in Manawatu and tuned my old guitar! Well, it’s not actually mine, it’s my old friend Josh’s (flake*) guitar from a while back. I borrowed it, then he dissapeared of the face of the planet. So I guess that makes me it’s guardian.

Anyway, i forgot how much it hurts my beautiful danty, IT fingers! lol. I’m struggling with the C major chord. I’ve decided to learn chords instead of reading off random song instructions which tell you what string to pluck. I’m using the ivideosongs podcast which is pretty cool, it goes right back to the basics which is exactly what I need.

I need calicuses, now! D: