My server is down again today which is pretty annoying but not much worse than the it’s usual sluggish responsiveness. I just read here that if I cancel within 97 days of registering that I could get a full refund for my annual fee! I think that leaves me a week so I gotta decide soon.

Im thinking of switch to a VPS setup. That way at least if the server is down, it will most probably be my fault. I haven’t had a big look around but what i’ve read about vpslink is been good so far. Not much came up on the i-hate-vps-search or their parent company, when compared to the dreamhost equivalent lol. Not that im putting too much weight on that simple analysis.

The good thing is that I don’t have any live sites at the moment, but a couple very near to production, so I am wary of that. Another huge factor is my level 1 Tauren Shaman experience points when it comes to linux & its command line… but really, how hard can it be right? *cough* i mean, im by no means reinventing the wheel, or the spoke for that matter. Im sure there will be a vast resource of newbie friendly tutes out there.

Oooh today I also decided to have a wee dabble with Ruby on Rails. I’ve seemed to have got a handle of php and feel like broadening my horizons and I thought RoR was a great choice.

[edit]& lol! i just read that RoR is released standard on Mac OSX Leopard! I already wanted a Mac Book, now I want to sell shit to get 1[/edit]



January 21, 2008

My Dreamhost hosting is so slow & unresponsive quite often it scares me. I bought it for hosting my contracted websites but am starting to regret it as the service can be quite poor. Next time i think ill have to take more responsiblity into researching reccomendations from others.

New ultra thin Macbook Air

January 16, 2008

The only thing is, it’d only take me all of 24hrs to break it.

WordPress & OpenID

January 9, 2008

Im begining to really warm to my openid account. I love the idea and am trying to use it when ever and where ever I can.

I just recently found out that any wordpress account is an actual openid account (i’m quite tech naieve, but hopefully with the power of GTD I will have time to read around about new interesting stuff). But! from what I can see, you can’t create a WP acocunt using another openid account created else where. Why? Surely this can’t be the case and im just obviously blind!

I guess the other way I could do it is host WP myself. Might add to my hugely unoraginsed todo list.