I’m getting fat! :o [NSFW]

November 14, 2008

I thought it would never happen! But after two months of not being able to run, compounded with an insane eating diet which consisted of eating everything in sight (in an attempt to gain muscle) has backfired and made me pile on quite an impressive beer belly:

Beer bump, full frontal

Beer bump, full frontal

Beer bump, side on

Beer bump, side on

I’m able to run in a couple of weeks, so should have rippling abs soon.. fingers crossed! XD


Worst website design ever!

November 6, 2008


The Happening

November 2, 2008

Worst movie… ever!

Laptops are a bad influence

October 29, 2008

I’ve decided that my macbook is more of a bad influence than a convenience. Every morning before I get out of bed I end up clumbsily sliding it off my desk beside my bed, and spending the next 30 – 180 mins wasting time on it. This dramatically postpones the start of my day. In fact, im writing this now, still in bed.. I was awake over 1.5 hours ago! Gah!

Stoked! I emailed the crossfit Auckland branch to see if they knew anything about plans of Crossfit coming to Palmy. They replied saying that a dude is planning on setting one up! I got his email address, we are gonna have a chat about it over a beer when he gets back in the country.


My mate got me on to crossfit. It’s a website/blog where they post a daily workout, and the community post their times/reps in the comments section. The cool thing about this is the workouts. They’re different every day, they’re high intensity, they include functional exercises that benefits everyone, and best of all, they’re scalable for everyone!

I’m definately going to look further into this and take on some of the WODs (workout of the day). The random/different exercises every day interests me the most, your body wouldn’t get used to the routine like your normal programs. Would make rugby training and game day seem like a walk in the park 😀

Heres a couple vids, WOD:GI Jane

2 Min Defence (awful music):

Josh Everret’s smashing of Crossfit’s King Kong WOD:

After installing sfMediaLibrary plugin on my local dev environment (OSX, MAMP, symfony v1.1 PEAR), I found the paths to the images were incorrect as the forward slashes in the directories to the images were doubled up (eg: //uploads//assets//imagename.jpg).

I found a hack solution by editing youproject/plugins/sfMediaLibraryPlugin/modules/sfMediaLibrary/lib/BasesfMediaLibraryActions.class

In the executeIndex() function I removed the extra forward slashes by changing the following line:

$this->webAbsCurrentDir = $this->getRequest()->getRelativeUrlRoot().’/’.$this->uploadDirName.’/’.$currentDir;


$this->webAbsCurrentDir = $this->getRequest()->getRelativeUrlRoot().$this->uploadDirName.$currentDir;

I know this solution is less than ideal, but will do for now.

I found this error when trying to install the sfMediaLibrary plugin for symfony 1.1

The fix was to go to your settings.yml in your app’s config dir and set compat_10 setting to ‘on’. ie:

  1. Go to: apps/your_app/config/settings.yml
  2. Search for the line with text ‘compat_10’
  3. Make sure setting isn’t commented and set as ‘on’

I was just talking to my collegue about money, and how I blew $280 on alcahole last week, and how I seem to always need a drink in my hand when im in town. And that usually ends up in me buying rounds for a lot of people who never pay me back (my own stupid fault).

Then it hit me! The problem isn’t people not buying me back rounds.. The problem is me ending up buying everyone rounds because I can’t handle not having a drink in my hand. It’s pathetic!, I use the drink-in-hand as a shield. ie: your never doing nothing, cos if your not talking to someone… you can drink. Once i’ve finished my drink, and maybe standing there doing nothing I get all self conscience and feel like a loser. Hence, the waiting in line (not doing nothing) and buying a drink (doing something) to drink (again, something to do). What a moron!!

The great thing is, I never actually thought about why I drink so much out, now I know what im doing, so now I can stop it. I feel so enlightend :>

Downhill skateboarding

September 20, 2008

A long time ago back in my teens when I was a budding young skater, we used to love skating down hill. Not so much when you would get speed wobbles, or hit a stone thats so small its invisible and go flying ass over face.

These guys take it to the extreme (they even overtake a car at one stage). It looks so ‘freeing’, haven’t felt like that in a long time!