I was just talking to my collegue about money, and how I blew $280 on alcahole last week, and how I seem to always need a drink in my hand when im in town. And that usually ends up in me buying rounds for a lot of people who never pay me back (my own stupid fault).

Then it hit me! The problem isn’t people not buying me back rounds.. The problem is me ending up buying everyone rounds because I can’t handle not having a drink in my hand. It’s pathetic!, I use the drink-in-hand as a shield. ie: your never doing nothing, cos if your not talking to someone… you can drink. Once i’ve finished my drink, and maybe standing there doing nothing I get all self conscience and feel like a loser. Hence, the waiting in line (not doing nothing) and buying a drink (doing something) to drink (again, something to do). What a moron!!

The great thing is, I never actually thought about why I drink so much out, now I know what im doing, so now I can stop it. I feel so enlightend :>