Symfony admin theme

September 9, 2008

I created my first symfony admin theme last night. It was rediculously easy, and the best thing is, it freaking works like a dream! I shamelessly stole the design of some dudes blog. It fits into an admin backend design surprisingly well lol.

I’ve fallen heavily in love with the admin generation in Symfony. It seems i’ve been doing way too much manually. I have to thank Adam for nudging to look at it, hes been a massive help and a great motivator! ❤ ❤ (much luv and ballsacs for u)

I’ve almost finished my blog app. Just need to do the post tagging, and archive generation and my learning app will be complete! 😀 I’m thinking of buying my own personal domain and putting my blog up on there, hopefully there is a way to export my stuff from my wordpress acc.

Today is a good day 🙂


I love alien vs predator

January 18, 2008

My work buddy `black bear` introduced me to the webcomic:

Yet another timewaster i didn’t need, i love it.