Been a long time in the making waiting, it’s finally live (got sick of waiting for the polish so just threw it up). Check it out and drop some feedback on the site 😀

Nite all


We’ve finally made our company website live.



January 21, 2008

My Dreamhost hosting is so slow & unresponsive quite often it scares me. I bought it for hosting my contracted websites but am starting to regret it as the service can be quite poor. Next time i think ill have to take more responsiblity into researching reccomendations from others.

Long time

December 7, 2007

Well it has been a while and a lot has happend since last!

A friend has bugged me to blog more *cough* so i will try my best to post when i can.

Weeeeeell, since my last enthusiastic post about starting my own business and creating my own cms system a few things have happend. I canned my cms system I had been building for a few (too many) months, I largely underestimated what it took to build a framework and the constant fixing of loop holes i found lead me to throw it in. I don’t regret it though as i did learn a lot from the experience and also lead me to stumbling apon the great codeignigter framework! I am currently using it in a project with a group of good mates, and finding it a joy to use! Not long after i also attempted to roll out a well overdue site with the silverstripe cms system that a friend had pointed me too. I was quite excited to try it as it is a NZ developed system. I found that straight out of the box the system is good. From my point of view they backend seemed to have a bit of overhead and was a little slow at times. But the interface was very intuiative. The downfall for me was the difficulty i had in extending the system. I found it just wasn’t for me and am quite gutted :sadface: Im sure its just a steep learning curve and i may have likend to it if i had given it more of a chance, but hey, shit happens.

Just when I was about to cry, I came accross the MODx CMS system. It seems to have all the features I require and even the bonus of ajax implementation straight out of the box! Im gonna have a crack is this system and see how she floats. With luck ill be rolling out sites in no time! :overenthusedhappyface:

Training is going very well! I have sport/gym/training 10 times a week and enthusiams & commitment is at an all time high! Ive even started gymming at 6am which i thought would never, ever, not on ur nelly happen. Its actually quite cool going that early, gives you the rest of the night to play amateur programmer lol. So yea, everything in that department is on track, im looking good for the launch into club rugby season and hopefully if i impress over that and the rep season i might be able to edge my way into the turbos training squad. If that doesn’t happen the plan is to jet off over the ditch for white sands, bikini’s and the 13 man game. Either way I’ll be happy. It’s quite exciting thinking about it.

Anywho, thats enough for today, I’ve gotta freshen up and head down to the bank and open a new account, then head off to watch a couple of mates in the national secondary schools touch tourny hosted in town. Can’t wait, ill post back soon on my first impressions on MODx


Hello world!

April 12, 2007

Well its late, my GF is asleep right next to me, and im supposed to be working on a website for.. well, work. So i thought there wasn’t a better time to sign up for a blog!

Basically this blog is going to document the nerd side of my persona.. And hopefully help me motivate myself for writing my new website app (thats gonna make me rich when i move to aus, so it better be finished before then). I guess this is the first step and therefore the ball is finally rolling! yuss “high five”.

Also thinking of a name for a webdev brand/company which is proving to be quite difficult! **sigh*

Well, all this feeling of accomplishment might let me fall to sleep now..