Overdue update

March 3, 2009

Well! A bit of stuff has happend till I last wrote:

On Saturday I played my first game of Ruggas since surgery! The held up flawlessly, and I apparently played quite well! I can’t remember much from the game since I took a few highshots and got ko’d. Played a full game though and gave a couple of good hits back. Yay. Stink thing is I have to stand down from this weeks game. We’ve got Taradale who are always good aponents.

Work has really picked up which i’m stoked about. Pranil went on a massive mission about a month ago and source a bit of work. We now have some more good contracting suppliers in the Gold Coast, another one in Palmy, and a designer in Bunnythorpe of all places haha. Everyone seems to be pretty pleased with us which is great. A couple more sources should have us sitting pretty smitten.

Final diet, 92kgThe gym is going well so far. I’ve been managing to go to after trainings. I’ve lost Chris though, but think I might have picked up Meerkat & Tenga as new gym partners. We should be hitting tomorrow night. Also, my body weight has dropped to the lowest since I can remember! 92 fricken kgs. I don’t mind though since I feel like i’m in the best shape I’ve been in for a long time. Also getting around the park is a joke now, running feels more like floating lol.


Diet progress

January 28, 2009

After a week on crash diet

After a week on crash diet

I started a ‘crash’ diet Monday last week, and i’ve lost 4-5kg since then (a bit of that will be water, but a bit of that has also been fat). I’ve got rid of the beer gut (10kg since last photo post) and got some shape in my abs again (phew). But there still a bit on the sides that I wouldn’t mind getting rid of:

The crash diet is for people wanting to shed some quick weight/fat. It’s not something that is ment to be permanent. I’m only going to be doing it for two weeks, then ill move onto a more flexible diet (even though I haven’t been truley strict to the rules lol). Basically the diet is based on stripping carbs, fat, and only eating protein. You must take fish/flaxseed oil tablets to get your essential fatty acids, and a multivitamin also helps. Anyway its all in this book that I got my hands on: The Rapid Weightloss Handbook. And yes, I read the entire thing (it was only 100 pages and actually pretty darn easy to read).

Effects: Aside from losing weight, I’ve noticed that I’m no where near as hungry as I used to be. I can eat a lot less and still feel full. I have a lot more energy. And best of all I smashed my old 3km running record by 20 sec. I never knew how much of a difference 5kg makes to running. It feels like your just floating along, it’s insane!

The diet is from Lyle Mac Donald, you can find him over at bodyrecomposition.com. Also, I used sparkpeople.com for calorie counting. Oh, and bought digital foodscales from Briscoes for $35 🙂

I hope someone might find this useful.

Bring on the 8pack.