Sprained disc

February 4, 2009

Saw me physio this morning. I’ve strained a disc in my back. He’s given me some more ab statics to do, bridges, and some birddogs: nuteral spine, high chest, opposite arm up recuriting the lats. Drawing out a box with leg opposite leg. I can still do straight line running, and straight weights in the gym. 10 day stand, another crap start to the season.


This isnt a glamorous near death experience. More a consequence resulting from stupid actions.

My current rugby season ended early this year. I ruptured my ACL in my right knee and am awaiting surgery to reattach it. Rehab has gone well and I was feeling fit and good. I had been helping out the backline in our B team and over time I became more involved in the trainings, I was even considering lacing up the boots again and sneaking in a game before surgery.

It was noted that the boys needed to work on the tackling. So last night at the end of training we split the team in half and played a mini game of rugby league accross the width of the feild between the 22 and 40m lines. There wasn’t much space so we were basically just trying to run over each other. I didn’t think this was very realistic as it made tackling a lot easier in the confined space. I was feeling alive again, making barging runs through 3+ tacklers at a time, making good yards, and making a couple of big hits when on D. It was fair to say I had missed the contact a lot. Near the end of the drill I made another run and when i came to a stop I had 2 guys wrestling me from the front and 1 from behind. My right leg got pinned between them and I was thrown on my back twisting my knee. I herd a loud popping sound and dropped to the ground in an all familiar groaning heap. lol.

This morning I decided to pop into the physio on the way to work. I was worried about the swelling on me knee, I feared I could’ve damaged the cartilage or meniscus (since i had been warned about it). When I was trying to book an appointment the secretary went off to ask the physio when I could fit in. He came back and let me have it. Forcefully telling me how I had injured the cartilage in my knee and will need it removed and won’t be able to play contact sport ever again. I was shocked. He then gave me some training clothes and sent me off on a circut. At the end I was lying on a table running the indifferential on my knee. I finally had a moment to think about what he had just told me. All my dreams of playing national rugby again where crushed. A load of sports that I wanted to but couldnt play rushed through my head. I sat there motionless and absolutely gutted. I couldn’t believe it.

I got changed back into my work clothes and booked another few appointments to come in again. He then let me off the hook and told me id be fine, but to stay away from trainings as over time I will just end up doing the same again. Bastard got me good haha.


January 22, 2008

So far im having a crap day. I was forgotten to be paid yet again. Also White Lightning was broken into last night and my gf’s purse & my car stereo was taken! 😦 Which is sad cos it was quite a good one, and it was the best thing about my car. Also i didn’t make it to the gym this morning to start my new program. I was waay to tired and my back is still quite sore. A silver lining to that dark cloud is I have a physio appointment on friday 3pm, hopefully mike will manipulate me back into shape! Also kirsten gave me the number of her massage chick, so might give her a call once i get paid lol.