Overdue update

March 3, 2009

Well! A bit of stuff has happend till I last wrote:

On Saturday I played my first game of Ruggas since surgery! The held up flawlessly, and I apparently played quite well! I can’t remember much from the game since I took a few highshots and got ko’d. Played a full game though and gave a couple of good hits back. Yay. Stink thing is I have to stand down from this weeks game. We’ve got Taradale who are always good aponents.

Work has really picked up which i’m stoked about. Pranil went on a massive mission about a month ago and source a bit of work. We now have some more good contracting suppliers in the Gold Coast, another one in Palmy, and a designer in Bunnythorpe of all places haha. Everyone seems to be pretty pleased with us which is great. A couple more sources should have us sitting pretty smitten.

Final diet, 92kgThe gym is going well so far. I’ve been managing to go to after trainings. I’ve lost Chris though, but think I might have picked up Meerkat & Tenga as new gym partners. We should be hitting tomorrow night. Also, my body weight has dropped to the lowest since I can remember! 92 fricken kgs. I don’t mind though since I feel like i’m in the best shape I’ve been in for a long time. Also getting around the park is a joke now, running feels more like floating lol.


Here come the Turbos

August 14, 2008

Tonight the Manawatu Turbos drew 38 all with the Waikato Mulu men. The Turbos didn’t do themselves any favours in the opening stints of each half. The majority of the Waikato tries were gifted to them from mistakes from the green & white men. Some people would’ve been wondering how they managed to stay in next years competition ahead of Northland and Tasman. With 30 mins to go Waikato scores it’s 3rd successive try after halftime. Matty James injures himself desperately trying to stop the try. He is then replaced by Aaron Cruden who steals the show. He showed a lot of class by taking control of the match with his positional kicking and line breaks. Aaron Smith also played quite well when he came on for Goody.

The young players seem to be holding their own quite well on the feild. It makes me eager to see when Rennie will bring Kurt Baker into the lineup. Tbh i would be starting him now, which makes me wonder how Azza will go once he’s given a starting spot. If he can do what he did tonight in future matches for 80mins, then I think the Turbos will be a threatning side in the competition. They just seem more organised and gather momentum when he’s running the show.

So far this season they’ve shown how brilliant they can be, but unfortunately glimpses of how poorly they can play have also shown through. It makes for an emotional rollercoaster of a match to watch! While still fun, I can’t wait for them to gain some consistancy and unleash the monstor of pontential that they have.

Next week they’re away in Auckland for a Ranfurly sheild match. Imagine if they brought it back home. Could this be the beginning of a Manawatu rebirth of domminance like the Manawatu of old from the 70’s with the likes of Bullet & co?

This isnt a glamorous near death experience. More a consequence resulting from stupid actions.

My current rugby season ended early this year. I ruptured my ACL in my right knee and am awaiting surgery to reattach it. Rehab has gone well and I was feeling fit and good. I had been helping out the backline in our B team and over time I became more involved in the trainings, I was even considering lacing up the boots again and sneaking in a game before surgery.

It was noted that the boys needed to work on the tackling. So last night at the end of training we split the team in half and played a mini game of rugby league accross the width of the feild between the 22 and 40m lines. There wasn’t much space so we were basically just trying to run over each other. I didn’t think this was very realistic as it made tackling a lot easier in the confined space. I was feeling alive again, making barging runs through 3+ tacklers at a time, making good yards, and making a couple of big hits when on D. It was fair to say I had missed the contact a lot. Near the end of the drill I made another run and when i came to a stop I had 2 guys wrestling me from the front and 1 from behind. My right leg got pinned between them and I was thrown on my back twisting my knee. I herd a loud popping sound and dropped to the ground in an all familiar groaning heap. lol.

This morning I decided to pop into the physio on the way to work. I was worried about the swelling on me knee, I feared I could’ve damaged the cartilage or meniscus (since i had been warned about it). When I was trying to book an appointment the secretary went off to ask the physio when I could fit in. He came back and let me have it. Forcefully telling me how I had injured the cartilage in my knee and will need it removed and won’t be able to play contact sport ever again. I was shocked. He then gave me some training clothes and sent me off on a circut. At the end I was lying on a table running the indifferential on my knee. I finally had a moment to think about what he had just told me. All my dreams of playing national rugby again where crushed. A load of sports that I wanted to but couldnt play rushed through my head. I sat there motionless and absolutely gutted. I couldn’t believe it.

I got changed back into my work clothes and booked another few appointments to come in again. He then let me off the hook and told me id be fine, but to stay away from trainings as over time I will just end up doing the same again. Bastard got me good haha.

Coach Snaith!

May 6, 2008

Tonight I went to training again, to watch, and maybe try my hand (or foot) at kicking a ball around with my opposite foot. I couldn’t resist and ended up jumping into ruck touch (non-contact rugby structured game) and loved it. I can’t get too excited though cause I know my knee probably won’t be able to handle a tackle, or another super crazy ultra side-step! I just have to keep strengthening it up for surgery. Apparently the more work I do now, the easier the recovery is after. Anyway, at the end of the training I agreed to coaching the B team backs! hehe, this will be super fun! I hope the guys listen to me. I wonder if they’ll give me a big jacket and moustache.

On another note, tonight I will have a wee tinker with Symphony on my local WAMP server. After bouncing around a few Q&A’s with Adam I decided to give it a try. I was mainly sold on the auto generation of a CRUD system which is the only thing i’m missing in CI. This also means that I have put off RoR for now. I got stuck somewhere with the related table stuff and never recovered.