GTD: Shopping

January 25, 2008

Yesterday I went and finally spent some money on some well needed `thingys` for me wee home office.

  1. Document tray thingys (top 1 is dedicated for my in tray)
  2. Some plastic file thingys
  3. Square paper holder thingy (to jot notes down and put in my in tray)
  4. A year organiser thingy
  5. A laser printer thingy (been wanting one for so long, i cant stand ink jets), cheap too, only $130
  6. A notebook thingy for the gym (i’ve finished my old one!)
  7. A brown leather Billabong laptop satchel thingy (now i just need a  laptop lol) 4211.jpg
  8. Aaand a cool stripy Rip Curl singlet….thingy

Next on the list to buy is a file cabinet thingy & a p-touch labeler thingy.

So yea, funtimes, off to the gym and a mate’s b-day in WAVERLY!

This message was brought to you by the letter P & the number Thingee thingee.jpg