Ok, so I injured my back just under 2 weeks ago playing touch.. My hammys were quite tight leading into the game. I ended up spraining a ligament in my back while dumping the ball. Anyway my lovely physio told me to take 10 days off to let the sprain settle. I told him about my tight hammys. He tested me and found that I was majory hamstring dominant, and that I don’t use my glutes whatsoever. He gave me some bridges to do to light my glutes up and to make me start using them again..

The problem is, after a couple of hours after every rugby trainging, my hammys are tight as, and I get some pretty bad back pain. I did a little research in on the web and found Lordosis.. I’ve actually noticed that my spine does sit a bit like that (just have to look at this photo). I also have all the symptoms stated in that article. Anyway, i’ve decided to try doing all the exercises and stretches every morning.. id give anything to get rid of this back pain! Also gonna buy a foam roller for SMR and might book a massage sess in the morning if my back is still buggered :S


I’m getting fat! :o [NSFW]

November 14, 2008

I thought it would never happen! But after two months of not being able to run, compounded with an insane eating diet which consisted of eating everything in sight (in an attempt to gain muscle) has backfired and made me pile on quite an impressive beer belly:

Beer bump, full frontal

Beer bump, full frontal

Beer bump, side on

Beer bump, side on

I’m able to run in a couple of weeks, so should have rippling abs soon.. fingers crossed! XD

I’ve been interested in sports nutrition (well, what I need to eat for best results) for quite a while. I have had a couple of online attempts and getting some good info on the subject but had failed miserably. Until last night when I stumbeled on this gem: The Weight Trainer’s Bodybuilding¬†Diet – How to Maximize Your Muscle with the Right Diet at About.com. It covers when to eat relative to your training and the training type, and what types of food to eat, and how much of each type. Brilliant! A brief summary of the document:

The Least You Need to Know

Don’t worry too much about the finer detail of calculating quantities if you don’t wish to. The detail is there for those who can use this precision, but most people don’t. Experience and getting to know how your body works is probably more important, as well as trial and error within the information provided here. Check out these main points.

  • Eat some protein and carbohydrate about thirty minutes before a session.
  • For sessions that proceed considerably longer than an hour at moderate to high intensity, and include cardio, take a sports drink during the session.
  • Eat some protein and carbohydrate immediately or within 30 minutes of the end of the session.
  • Don’t use protein supplements excessively. You can get the required amount of quality protein from lean chicken, fish, soy, skim milk and some red meat.
  • Some weight trainers do better with six smaller meals a day rather than three larger meals. Don’t fret about this; it doesn’t suit everyone. However, always eat breakfast.
  • Eat a healthy diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol and high in fruit, vegetables, beans, whole grains and quality monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats in nuts, seeds and oils.
  • Drink plenty of fluids to replace water lost. Beverages like tea and coffee contribute to this. The diuretic effect of these drinks has been overstated.

The dude (Paul Rogers) seems quite nutral, and best of all, hes not trying to push a tonne of products/supplements down your throat! Check it out.

On another note, last night I also stumbeld accross this article about tight muscles and stretching etc. Talks about the different approaches to remidying tight muscles.

100kg baby!

August 6, 2008

I’ve finally managed to join the hundy club. Just weighed in at 100kgs tonight, was quite a shock since last time i checked i was 97kg. Jeff (my trainer for the offseason) & I have set the goal of 105kg for next season. I will lose a bit when surger rolls around in Sept but I should be able to get it all back on in the timeframe. I’ll shall try my hardest to post my recovery after surgery… shouldn’t be too hard since I won’t have much else to do lol.

Super amped and motivated at the moment! Yusss!

This isnt a glamorous near death experience. More a consequence resulting from stupid actions.

My current rugby season ended early this year. I ruptured my ACL in my right knee and am awaiting surgery to reattach it. Rehab has gone well and I was feeling fit and good. I had been helping out the backline in our B team and over time I became more involved in the trainings, I was even considering lacing up the boots again and sneaking in a game before surgery.

It was noted that the boys needed to work on the tackling. So last night at the end of training we split the team in half and played a mini game of rugby league accross the width of the feild between the 22 and 40m lines. There wasn’t much space so we were basically just trying to run over each other. I didn’t think this was very realistic as it made tackling a lot easier in the confined space. I was feeling alive again, making barging runs through 3+ tacklers at a time, making good yards, and making a couple of big hits when on D. It was fair to say I had missed the contact a lot. Near the end of the drill I made another run and when i came to a stop I had 2 guys wrestling me from the front and 1 from behind. My right leg got pinned between them and I was thrown on my back twisting my knee. I herd a loud popping sound and dropped to the ground in an all familiar groaning heap. lol.

This morning I decided to pop into the physio on the way to work. I was worried about the swelling on me knee, I feared I could’ve damaged the cartilage or meniscus (since i had been warned about it). When I was trying to book an appointment the secretary went off to ask the physio when I could fit in. He came back and let me have it. Forcefully telling me how I had injured the cartilage in my knee and will need it removed and won’t be able to play contact sport ever again. I was shocked. He then gave me some training clothes and sent me off on a circut. At the end I was lying on a table running the indifferential on my knee. I finally had a moment to think about what he had just told me. All my dreams of playing national rugby again where crushed. A load of sports that I wanted to but couldnt play rushed through my head. I sat there motionless and absolutely gutted. I couldn’t believe it.

I got changed back into my work clothes and booked another few appointments to come in again. He then let me off the hook and told me id be fine, but to stay away from trainings as over time I will just end up doing the same again. Bastard got me good haha.

Long time

December 7, 2007

Well it has been a while and a lot has happend since last!

A friend has bugged me to blog more *cough* so i will try my best to post when i can.

Weeeeeell, since my last enthusiastic post about starting my own business and creating my own cms system a few things have happend. I canned my cms system I had been building for a few (too many) months, I largely underestimated what it took to build a framework and the constant fixing of loop holes i found lead me to throw it in. I don’t regret it though as i did learn a lot from the experience and also lead me to stumbling apon the great codeignigter framework! I am currently using it in a project with a group of good mates, and finding it a joy to use! Not long after i also attempted to roll out a well overdue site with the silverstripe cms system that a friend had pointed me too. I was quite excited to try it as it is a NZ developed system. I found that straight out of the box the system is good. From my point of view they backend seemed to have a bit of overhead and was a little slow at times. But the interface was very intuiative. The downfall for me was the difficulty i had in extending the system. I found it just wasn’t for me and am quite gutted :sadface: Im sure its just a steep learning curve and i may have likend to it if i had given it more of a chance, but hey, shit happens.

Just when I was about to cry, I came accross the MODx CMS system. It seems to have all the features I require and even the bonus of ajax implementation straight out of the box! Im gonna have a crack is this system and see how she floats. With luck ill be rolling out sites in no time! :overenthusedhappyface:

Training is going very well! I have sport/gym/training 10 times a week and enthusiams & commitment is at an all time high! Ive even started gymming at 6am which i thought would never, ever, not on ur nelly happen. Its actually quite cool going that early, gives you the rest of the night to play amateur programmer lol. So yea, everything in that department is on track, im looking good for the launch into club rugby season and hopefully if i impress over that and the rep season i might be able to edge my way into the turbos training squad. If that doesn’t happen the plan is to jet off over the ditch for white sands, bikini’s and the 13 man game. Either way I’ll be happy. It’s quite exciting thinking about it.

Anywho, thats enough for today, I’ve gotta freshen up and head down to the bank and open a new account, then head off to watch a couple of mates in the national secondary schools touch tourny hosted in town. Can’t wait, ill post back soon on my first impressions on MODx