Eastern Promises

January 27, 2008

I just watched Eastern Promises, good movie, I enjoyed it. After seeing this, and A History of Violence I must stay that I really like Viggo Mortensen.. & holy crap, just reading his imdb page im shocked as to why I never clicked that he was Aragorn of LOTR! 😮


GTD: Shopping

January 25, 2008

Yesterday I went and finally spent some money on some well needed `thingys` for me wee home office.

  1. Document tray thingys (top 1 is dedicated for my in tray)
  2. Some plastic file thingys
  3. Square paper holder thingy (to jot notes down and put in my in tray)
  4. A year organiser thingy
  5. A laser printer thingy (been wanting one for so long, i cant stand ink jets), cheap too, only $130
  6. A notebook thingy for the gym (i’ve finished my old one!)
  7. A brown leather Billabong laptop satchel thingy (now i just need a  laptop lol) 4211.jpg
  8. Aaand a cool stripy Rip Curl singlet….thingy

Next on the list to buy is a file cabinet thingy & a p-touch labeler thingy.

So yea, funtimes, off to the gym and a mate’s b-day in WAVERLY!

This message was brought to you by the letter P & the number Thingee thingee.jpg

My server is down again today which is pretty annoying but not much worse than the it’s usual sluggish responsiveness. I just read here that if I cancel within 97 days of registering that I could get a full refund for my annual fee! I think that leaves me a week so I gotta decide soon.

Im thinking of switch to a VPS setup. That way at least if the server is down, it will most probably be my fault. I haven’t had a big look around but what i’ve read about vpslink is been good so far. Not much came up on the i-hate-vps-search or their parent company, when compared to the dreamhost equivalent lol. Not that im putting too much weight on that simple analysis.

The good thing is that I don’t have any live sites at the moment, but a couple very near to production, so I am wary of that. Another huge factor is my level 1 Tauren Shaman experience points when it comes to linux & its command line… but really, how hard can it be right? *cough* i mean, im by no means reinventing the wheel, or the spoke for that matter. Im sure there will be a vast resource of newbie friendly tutes out there.

Oooh today I also decided to have a wee dabble with Ruby on Rails. I’ve seemed to have got a handle of php and feel like broadening my horizons and I thought RoR was a great choice.

[edit]& lol! i just read that RoR is released standard on Mac OSX Leopard! I already wanted a Mac Book, now I want to sell shit to get 1[/edit]

Cable woodchops

January 23, 2008

Lock arms and do not use them at all.  Only allow movement through torso.

Scriptaculous Drag & Drop

January 23, 2008

Ok, im attempting the scriptaculous drag & drop that updates the list elements in the db via ajax.

I was using this tutorial from zenofshen.com as a refernce for the db update.

The only thing is that i think that method is a bit ineffcient by updating ALL the element rankings. I thought of only updating only the elements that had changed. ie: Get all the elements after the one that had just been re-positioned and increment their rankings. Then update the re-positioned element’s order with its new value.

This would shrink the amount of queries to (x of elements) to just 2. The only problem is, i don’t know of an efficient way of doing so. The onChange option is good cos it give you the repositioned element as the function parameter, but! it is invoked after every change of the list (ie: during the drag & over, not when the drag & drop is completed). I thought of using the onUpdate -> serialize method, and referencing a variable that had the previous state of the list. Therefore you could figure out what element had been repositioned and the update from there. The only thing is, to get that original state, u need to use serialize which wont even parse using toQueryParams… There must be something im missing! Gah

My new gym program

January 23, 2008

Ok, I’ve finally sat down and figured out my new ultra-awesomo gym program for the next 6 weeks.

First I created a list of gym exercises that I have warmed to. This makes it a little easier to organise & pick what exercises to throw into each rotation.

I have two programs that im gonna alternate each week. Each rotation (2 weeks) ill drop my rep target for each set by 2 reps (eg: 9,7,5). Each program consists of a two day split of [chest, shoulders, arms, core] & [legs, back, core]. I will superset the paired sequential exercises.

Week 1, 3, 5:

Split 1:

  • Chest
    • Barbell bench
    • Incline dumbell bench
  • Shoulders
    • Power pulls (barbell deadlift to upright row)
    • Rotator bar (barbell shrug , raise elbows at side to shoulder height – elbows at right angles, then anterior raise with elbows locked as they are)
  • Arms
    • Chin-ups (underhand)
    • Lying tricep ez-bar extentions
  • Core
    • Leg Raises
    • Swissball Woodchops

Split 2:

  • Lower
    • 2 finger squats (front barbell hack squats)
    • Leg press
    • Straight leg deadlifts
    • Abductor swings
  • Back
    • Bentover Row
    • Lat pulldowns
  • Core
    • Leg raises
    • Swiss woodchops

Week 2,4,6:

Split 1:

  • Chest
    • Swiss dumbell bench
    • Incline barbell bench
  • Shoulders
    • Anteiror single-arm dumbell raises
    • Power barbell shrugs
  • Arms
    • 21’s barbell curls
    • Tri cable pulldowns
  • Core
    • Lying bench leg raises
    • Weighted swiss crunches

Split 2:

  • Legs
    • Squats
    • Leg curls
    • Split squats
    • Eccentric lateral cable strides
  • Back
    • Barbell pull
    • Back extentions
  • Core
    • Lying bench leg raises
    • Weighted swiss crunches

Hopefully with the alternating programs & updating them every 6 weeks with new exercises ill get enough variation to keep shocking the system.

Also comparing this program with a max set count of around 12 per session i should be able to workout more intensely than my previous prescribed program  of 40 sets (of 9 reps) per session.

I’ll keep ya updated on how its going 🙂


January 22, 2008

So far im having a crap day. I was forgotten to be paid yet again. Also White Lightning was broken into last night and my gf’s purse & my car stereo was taken! 😦 Which is sad cos it was quite a good one, and it was the best thing about my car. Also i didn’t make it to the gym this morning to start my new program. I was waay to tired and my back is still quite sore. A silver lining to that dark cloud is I have a physio appointment on friday 3pm, hopefully mike will manipulate me back into shape! Also kirsten gave me the number of her massage chick, so might give her a call once i get paid lol.

Been listening to it (FreshFM) for the last 30 mins and liked every song, which is rare.


ps: just as im posting this an avg song comes on haha. Oh well, only 1 avg song in 30 mins aint too bad 😀

No motivation

January 21, 2008

It’s amusing how I was expecting to find $0.00 (or even a negative acc bal) but yet I was still slightly surprised when I checked my bank balance this humid Tuesday morning to find yet again, my boss has failed to put my pay through. Which in turn results in me destesting his workplace and any work in it.



January 21, 2008

My Dreamhost hosting is so slow & unresponsive quite often it scares me. I bought it for hosting my contracted websites but am starting to regret it as the service can be quite poor. Next time i think ill have to take more responsiblity into researching reccomendations from others.