New Opportunity Part2

January 12, 2008

Yesterday I had a meeting with the recruitment agency guy. His name was Steve. He was quite cool, even though I accidentally gave him a bit of stick for living in Palmy instead of the sunny coast (where his wife is orignally from). During the meeting I told him that I was a good web developer. As the meeting unfurled it became apparent to both of us that I currently have no respectiable completed work to show!! I have 2 websites in the mix atm and a big group venture project that is still being nurtured in the dark corners of 4 young men’s bedrooms! gagag. I was planning on creating a ultra wickedly awesome portfolio website (which he questioned me as to why I didn’t have 1), but only after I had completed a couple of websites and therefor had some content to put on the bloody thing! Anyway, he did ask me about what I thought of the current industry scene in Palmerston North and what I new about the big players in it. I stated that I new bugger all about them, but I did particularly like the look of 1 business & it’s work. etheory. And luckily for me, one of the positions he was looking at me for was for them! Score! Now all i have to do is somehow work my charm and convince them (without any solid evidence) that i am pretty much the Da Vinci Code of web development (which im far from). But, to help me do that, i’ve sited my good buddy as a reference to my quality of code! I’ve also recently thought about adding my other good buddies (b1 & b2) to that list aswell, for the help i did on their university project.

I should have a casual meeting setup with sometime next week. Cant wait.


New Opportunity

January 9, 2008

My current job sucks! Its an unorganised mess, the project management is bollocks, we’re constantly behind deadline (even though half the time the developers are unaware of that fact of the project at all), and im constantly getting paid late if not the incorrect amount. Eg: this week i didn’t get paid my stat holidays from xmas & new years!

This morning I got a phone call from a guy at a recruitment agency. He has a couple of opportunities out there for me. 1 of them is a development job, outside of web programming which could be interesting. Exciting! I must say though that im trying to not get my hopes up. Ive herd that these recruitment agencies take a bit of commission, and usually the employer just takes it outta your pay rate for the first 6 months etc.

Well, i better get my ass into gear and get my gf’s bday present and get my ass to work. I’ll keep you posted on how the job hunt goes.