I’ve been interested in sports nutrition (well, what I need to eat for best results) for quite a while. I have had a couple of online attempts and getting some good info on the subject but had failed miserably. Until last night when I stumbeled on this gem: The Weight Trainer’s Bodybuilding Diet – How to Maximize Your Muscle with the Right Diet at About.com. It covers when to eat relative to your training and the training type, and what types of food to eat, and how much of each type. Brilliant! A brief summary of the document:

The Least You Need to Know

Don’t worry too much about the finer detail of calculating quantities if you don’t wish to. The detail is there for those who can use this precision, but most people don’t. Experience and getting to know how your body works is probably more important, as well as trial and error within the information provided here. Check out these main points.

  • Eat some protein and carbohydrate about thirty minutes before a session.
  • For sessions that proceed considerably longer than an hour at moderate to high intensity, and include cardio, take a sports drink during the session.
  • Eat some protein and carbohydrate immediately or within 30 minutes of the end of the session.
  • Don’t use protein supplements excessively. You can get the required amount of quality protein from lean chicken, fish, soy, skim milk and some red meat.
  • Some weight trainers do better with six smaller meals a day rather than three larger meals. Don’t fret about this; it doesn’t suit everyone. However, always eat breakfast.
  • Eat a healthy diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol and high in fruit, vegetables, beans, whole grains and quality monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats in nuts, seeds and oils.
  • Drink plenty of fluids to replace water lost. Beverages like tea and coffee contribute to this. The diuretic effect of these drinks has been overstated.

The dude (Paul Rogers) seems quite nutral, and best of all, hes not trying to push a tonne of products/supplements down your throat! Check it out.

On another note, last night I also stumbeld accross this article about tight muscles and stretching etc. Talks about the different approaches to remidying tight muscles.


Here come the Turbos

August 14, 2008

Tonight the Manawatu Turbos drew 38 all with the Waikato Mulu men. The Turbos didn’t do themselves any favours in the opening stints of each half. The majority of the Waikato tries were gifted to them from mistakes from the green & white men. Some people would’ve been wondering how they managed to stay in next years competition ahead of Northland and Tasman. With 30 mins to go Waikato scores it’s 3rd successive try after halftime. Matty James injures himself desperately trying to stop the try. He is then replaced by Aaron Cruden who steals the show. He showed a lot of class by taking control of the match with his positional kicking and line breaks. Aaron Smith also played quite well when he came on for Goody.

The young players seem to be holding their own quite well on the feild. It makes me eager to see when Rennie will bring Kurt Baker into the lineup. Tbh i would be starting him now, which makes me wonder how Azza will go once he’s given a starting spot. If he can do what he did tonight in future matches for 80mins, then I think the Turbos will be a threatning side in the competition. They just seem more organised and gather momentum when he’s running the show.

So far this season they’ve shown how brilliant they can be, but unfortunately glimpses of how poorly they can play have also shown through. It makes for an emotional rollercoaster of a match to watch! While still fun, I can’t wait for them to gain some consistancy and unleash the monstor of pontential that they have.

Next week they’re away in Auckland for a Ranfurly sheild match. Imagine if they brought it back home. Could this be the beginning of a Manawatu rebirth of domminance like the Manawatu of old from the 70’s with the likes of Bullet & co?

Been a long time in the making waiting, it’s finally live (got sick of waiting for the polish so just threw it up). Check it out and drop some feedback on the site 😀

Nite all

100kg baby!

August 6, 2008

I’ve finally managed to join the hundy club. Just weighed in at 100kgs tonight, was quite a shock since last time i checked i was 97kg. Jeff (my trainer for the offseason) & I have set the goal of 105kg for next season. I will lose a bit when surger rolls around in Sept but I should be able to get it all back on in the timeframe. I’ll shall try my hardest to post my recovery after surgery… shouldn’t be too hard since I won’t have much else to do lol.

Super amped and motivated at the moment! Yusss!